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10 Things Not To Do at HOME 2..

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Guava Juice

Published on 20 October 2020

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Today I'm going to share with you 10 Things Not to Do at Home Part 2. And this time, it's gonna be even crazier. Did you know Tita Mary Grace has superpowers? Trust me you don't want to miss out. Things started chill as I wanted to make some art on the wall. But then, Tita Mary Grace wasn't happy with that so she used her telekinesis powers to lift me up. I said sorry, so she let me down. Next, all I wanted to do was change the temperature of the house and guess what? She wasn't happy with that as well. What does she do? Keep watching to find out. One thing for sure is things can go horribly wrong in these 10 Things Not to Do videos. With that said, just wanted to say thank you again for supporting the Guava Juice YouTube Channel and for watching my funny and entertaining adventures on YouTube in 2020. I love comedy, making you laugh, and seeing a smile on your face. This is Roi aka Guava Juice saying Stay Juicy!

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