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10 Things Not To Do In an AIRPLANE

Duration: 06:59

Guava Juice

Published on 02 April 2021

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@Wassabi and @Guava Juice travels for the first time since 2019! Travel has been tricky lately, but I got a chance to hop on an airplane! Spirit airlines said no masks for some reason, I'm like uhh okay! Here is my adventure and journey throughout this 24 hour plane ride through the airspace.

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Director: Leonardo Mendoza: @leodizonmendoza
Passenger: Roi Macadamia Nutz IG: @guava
Dad & Sketchy Guy: Alex Wassabi IG: @alexwassabi
Flight Attendant: Jade Spurr IG: @jade_spurr
Hazmat Suit #1: Sophie Collins IG: @sophiejordancollins
Hazmat Suit #2: Katherine Atkins IG: @catpowerkate
Medic & Cop: Rosay Gomez IG: @hotrosay

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