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Amazing White Laser Experiments!!!

Duration: 10:47


Published on 16 May 2018

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Laser р0rn!! Here I build a full color RGB white laser, as well as experiment with the beam using prisms and mirrors.

In this video I build a full color RGB laser using red, green, and blue lasers. I use an analog driver based on the LM317, and combine the beams using an X-cube. The resulting laser can make white, yellow, aqua, magenta, purple and many other colors. The white laser beam can then be split back up with prisms and diffraction gratings, as I show in the video. I then build a white laser based on just two colors, yellow and cyan, and then in the end of the video I show some TRIPPY effects with a laser time tunnel.

Discord! https://discord.gg/zz3Pjyg

Happy international day of light! May 16, 2018

Music: "Renegade Jubilee" by The Whole Other

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