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I converted my microwave into a LASER oven!

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Published on 24 September 2021

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What started as a simple desire for a better microwave got carried away and I ended up converting it into a 700W laser oven!

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In this video I attempted to modify my microwave to cook better by upgrading the magnetron power supply. Switching from a half wave voltage doubler to the full wave circuit allowed me to double the power and then some, but I eventually ended up frying the magnetron.

I ended up gutting the original parts and added my own bank of high power blue laser diode arrays. The new oven draws about 2kW of power, and about 700W of that makes it out as laser light. I cooked a bunch of different foods with it like smores, steak, toast, and several others.

Cooking food with lasers is one of the most requested experiments I try on this channel, so this laser oven should satisfy those desires quite nicely. The effects on food are interesting to say the least. Lots of things burn under the blue light, adding a "smoky" flavor. Yummy.

Song at 8:55 is "We Made It" by Reed Mathis

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