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I Found a SECRET HIDDEN GAMING Room in My House!!

Duration: 19:13

Carter Sharer

Published on 15 December 2021

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Carter Sharer just spent 24 HOURS IN THE WORLD'S SMALLEST CAR!! (https://youtu.be/BjiDrWKEggc) But today Carder explored the new Team RAR mansion and found not just 1, 2 or 3 secret rooms, but 6 or more (and possibly a mobile gaming room called the Suzuki JoyPop)!! Matt Braeden, Andrew and Matt (who lives here) helped Carer explore the new Team RAR house and found several rooms that would be perfect for a boy lounge, secret game room and two rooms that are literally haunted!! But will the boys be able to make a space for games and farts?? Or will the girls move in and take over with a pink makeover and their very own girl's lounge? So far the coast is clear. Time to load up the Sony PS5, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Xbox Series X, because it's time to game! Which room do you think should be the new hidden gaming room?? Comment below!!


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