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Testing dangerous DIY "medical" lasers from eBay

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Published on 30 January 2021

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I stumbled across some ridiculous eBay listings for DIY medical and cosmetic lasers recently, and I couldn't resist the urge to test some of them out. They turned out more horrible than I could have imagined!!

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The worst laser in this bunch is by FAR the "neatcell" spot removal laser. This thing is EXTREMELY dangerous. Not only can it blind you instantly, but it will likely leave terrible scars if you use it on yourself to remove tattoos (or acne, freckles, and all the other stuff it claims to remove). To make matters worse, it sells like crazy!!! D: If you know anybody who owns one of these, tell them to get rid of it immediately!!

The next laser I showed after the neatcell is the q-switched tattoo burner laser I've showcased on this channel before. This thing is absolutely crazy, capable of peak powers exceeding a MILLION watts. Unlike the neatcell, it *might* be useful in the hands of a trained operator to remove tattoos, but it certainly isn't safe by any means.

The next "laser" turned out to not be a laser at all. The "plasma spot removal laser" turned out to be what is essentially a "slayer exciter" circuit in a pen style housing. Although not as scary as the first two lasers, I wouldn't recommend using it on yourself. It is an interesting and compact source of high frequency electricity though.

Finally, I tested out a GIGANTIC q-switched surgical laser that I bought used on eBay. Although NOT advertised for DIY use, it still fit the theme of eBay medical lasers so I showcased it anyway. This thing is capable of over 100W average of 532nm green light, with peak output power exceeding 10kW.

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